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Chipping Hammers

Chipping Hammers

Chipping Hammers

These tools are very versatile in what they are used for. They can be used for carving rock, removing grout between brick, removing swimming pool surfaces, removing old or dried concrete from inside cement mixers, roughing up surfaces for new plaster, mortar, or cement. They can be used to knock out pins on equipment and for long reach applications. Chipping hammers are considered a step up from a regular pistol grip air hammer when trying to complete large surfaces of area. They are generally 13 to 17 lbs in weight and are not measured by weight class. They are generally measured by stroke size. A typical chipping hammer will have a 2, 3, or 4 inch stroke. The smaller the stroke the more blows or hits per minute you get but the lighter the hit of each blow. The longer the stroke the more power you will have per hit but you will not get as many blows per minute because of the long travel the piston needs to make before hitting the back of your bit. The difference between them is slight so if you haven’t used these types of tools on a regular basis you may not even feel the difference. Chipping hammers typically take a .680” round shank bit or a .580” hex shank bit. Most bits have an oval collar on them but some hammers have a retainer on them that requires a round collar on the bit. Most chipping hammers can be “bushed” to accept either round or hex shank bits and bit lengths can range anywhere from 9” long to 5 or 6 feet long depending on the application.

The difference between the two styles is that round shank bits will rotate or turn in the tool while you are pressed against your work. This allows your bit to move freely and accommodate the surface you are working on such as a curved surface or rock.

A hex shank bit will not rotate in the tool. It will remain in the same exact position you place it in the tool. This allows you to chip straight lines out on surfaces.


Note: .580” Hex bits will work in a .680” round bushed tool but .680” round shank bits will not work in a .580 Hex bushed tool. The hex bits will just spin around like round shank bits if you use them in a round bushed tool.

 Chipping Hammers

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